From  9 am  to  6 pm

On-site computer Repair and Maintenance in the Greater Montreal

Laptops and Desktops Computers Repairs

DesktopLaptopSlowness - Passwords issues
Network and WiFi issues
Startup issues - New computer setup
Keyboard-hard drive-screen-video card replacement
Mobile device setup (cells and tablets)

No travel fees for most of Montreal and Laval neighborhoods!

Free estimate over the phone
Phone (514) 435-1965

Montreal, Laval, and close north & south shores from 9 am to 6 pm
For computers of any brand under Windows®
For mobile devices of any brand
Residential  &  Commercial

Your computer needs a repair? You don't need to bring and let it for several days in a shop! SOS Ordi Montréal® comes home or to your company much faster, for a better price, and repairs your PC in front of you!! You'll get personalized advices from the technician working on your computer, with the certainty that your personal and/or professional data are fully respected!

We can also assist you configuring and using your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (Android®, iPad®/iPhone®).