From  9 am  to  6 pm

Software Repairs

Blue screen SOS Ordi Montréal® solves ALL your computer problems (without formatting = no data loss!). For instance if your Windows® system is unstable (often crashes (black or blue screen (BSOD))...), if one of your accessories is not or no longer recognized by Windows® (unable to print, to transfer pictures or videos, to use the webcam, etc.), if one of your softwares doesn't work anymore (unable to connect to Internet, to Skype®, unable to start a software, etc.), or if you forgot your Windows® session password... SOS Ordi Montréal® can repair any brand of PC (Acer®, Asus® (also Eee PC®), Compaq®, Dell®, Fujitsu®, HP (Hewlett-Packard®), Siemens®, Gateway®, IBM®, Lenovo®, Packard-Bell®, Sony®, Toshiba®, netbooks, etc.) as well as homemade PC (clones) and even tablets and smartphones (iPad®/iPhone®, Android®, Windows®, Blackberry®) and solves ANY software problems.

Internet connection issue Please give a call: describe the problem to the technician, who will ask you several simple questions to fully understand what's going on. Then an appointment will be made (sometimes we come the same day!!) and a technician will come to fix the issue and to explain what happened and what you can do (or not do!) to prevent this problem from reappearing.