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Our computer repairs services:

  • computer repair (software and hardware): Windows® password, viruses, boot issue, slowness, freezes, part to replace or to upgrade (video card, hard drive, laptop screen or keyboard, RAM memory, power supply, etc.)
  • computer maintenance: optimization, cleaning (dust + softwares), updates and upgrades, new softwares installation, etc.
  • network: set up and security (wired or wireless), printer sharing, internet and local network issues, router replacement and configuration, etc.
  • data recovery: if some cases we might be able to recover your lost data. Some conditions apply.
  • we can also solve most of the common problems you may have with your tablet or smartphone (iPad®/iPhone®, Android®) like synchronization, configuration or connection.
  • with any brand of tablets and PC desktops and laptops running Windows®. The technician always have a complete set of most common spare parts with him.

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